[AS3] StateView

StateView by thienhaflash (thienhaflash@gmail.com)
Updated			: 26.Feb.2012
Callbacks 		: -
Features 		: 
	Automatically get the children of a container use as states
	Support optional custom transitions when changing states
	Support optional callbacks on each child to be called when transition start / end
		(onStartIn, onStartOut, onEndIn, onEndOut)
	Automatically disable interaction and block state changes while doing transition
	Fully trace for invalid operations for easy tracking down
	No dependencies (don't even need a tween engine)

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Flash xfl format – A dirty secret

One of the new exciting features of Flash CS5 is the arrival of the new source file format : XFL – which is a non-compress, text(xml)/raw assets-based version of the fla format. What is this good for ? Version control to be the first ! As symbols are now xml files, once we making changes we can always tracking down by doing a diff comparison to find out what all the changes are. Secondly, all assets are now exposed and artist can change it any time to make an update.

The disappointed thing is it’s not just working that way. The more i used new XFL format, the more I got angry about how useless it is.
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