First time on a Mac

Get used to Windows for many years and several times on Ubuntu but this is my first time to a Mac, i feel awkward getting the way through… there are some cool things and there are some bad things compared to windows OS, see it for yourself !

  1. There are no shift-delete and i can’t find a way to delete a file without move it to trash first, it takes time and not efficient.
  2. You can not show desktop (windows+D) without installing a utility (use F11 for quick windows hide)
  3. You can not use function keys for functions, just you it for the brightness / volume adjust … you will need to install a utility then (try function flip).
  4. You can force move files around by cmd+drag just like shift+drag/drop on windows
  5. You can force copy files by alt+drag just like ctrl+drag/drop on windows
  6. There are no end/home/pageUp/pageDown keys, use cmd+arrows instead
  7. The delete button actually is backspace, there are no pc-like delete button
  8. The mouse has only 1 button, want right click ? tap with two fingers
  9. Replace cmd for pc’s ctrl : cmd+c for copy, cmd+v for paste, cmd+x for cut (editor only, won’t work on Finder), cmd+z for undo
  10. Delete a file / folder : cmd+delete, just press delete won’t have any effect (why?)
  11. Need to scroll down / up a file ? hold 2 fingers on the mouse pad and move at the same time – just works exactly like your mouse wheel.
  12. Want to unzip a file ? double click onto it, the file will be extract to a folder. Want to view the content of the zip without extract ? you can’t do it without install a small utility. Want to zip a folder or a file ? right click, choose archive, a new file will be created, you can change the name after that.
  13. You can read an NTFS drive from Mac but can not write to it, use some utility to enable write (with slow speed to be cared about)
  14. Disable creation of .DS_STORE and other .CLEAN_FILES files (only for network volumes): open terminal and type the following defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true or use Tinker tool, any suggestion for completely remove .FILES for shared volumes between Mac + PC ? BlueHarvest ?

to be continued …


Notes on AS3 Editor

While building an AS3 Editor i faced some performance issues which was only able to be solved by applying many optimizing techniques like : buffering, caching, string indexing, binary search, lazy loading, dirty flags … This note will give a brief an insights onto the problems and the techniques used.
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