Batch publish .fla files

JSFL is the way to automate tasks in Flash CS IDE, you can write extensions to do the repeating works like export fonts, open files, create symbols, read graphics datas, build multiple .fla files … The one thing i got astonished about is that there are no built-in way (no jsfl api) to know if there are errors during compilation of an .fla file. Hit ctrl+enter, you see that even if there are errors in code, the Flash IDE still trying to launch the .swf file. Hit build from an .flp project, the compiling process won’t stop when errors occurs for files, it just clear the log everytime a new file need to build, so we end up with a bunch of errors in files which we never where they are to apply the fixes.

I don’t know how hard it is for the Flash CS team to add an api allowing us to catch and stop when there are errors building .fla file, but this surely make enough troublesome for me : Once there are errors, i need to wait for the batch building complete then compile one by one manually… so finally decision, there must be a way to do it in jsfl.
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